What is FS12

For our new FS12 model, we use CSS technology, which allows us to achieve the most perfect and exact copies of human cells. CSS allows us to add or remove certain features from the body while cloning,  in order to perfect it. We can choose to remove a scar, some body hair, and we can improve skin, we can make the woman taller or shorter during the cloning procedure. 

With the new FS12 our customers have the freedom to manage the skills and personalities of their women, to create a perfect fit for their lives. 

We have improved learning and memory apprehension speed. We increased the active function time and we now have over 100 traits that can be designed to our customers preference. Now more than ever our slogan truly reflects what we do: we give men the woman they want in the way they want her. 


Juno Yacov, FemmeStock CEO

Company’s 20th Anniversary Interview